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Name. Sonia
Location. Sao Paulo, Brazil
I live in Camelot, and travel in a TARDIS. I go to Hogwarts. I save people, hunting things, the family business. I have found Serenity. I read bones better than I read people, and I fight crime with a nosy writer by my side. I share a house with a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost. I work at the Parks department in Pawnee and I have the Intersect in my head. I am a master in conning people. I have an amazing memory and work at Pearson & Specter. I'm the new girl. I had a comic strip and a magic bottle. I have been to 1973 after an accident, and to 1743 through the stones of Craig na dun. I fight boredom from 221B, Baker Street. I live under a curse in Storybrooke. I am troubled, and a cougar, but not really. I used to love the pie maker who wake the dead, and I had the best 6 friends a person could ever have. I drink Tru Blood and I am constantly looking for Red John. I worked as a double agent from a long lost prophecy, I loved the guy from Chino and I lived and loved in Stars Hollow. Who am I? I'm all of this. I am all I love. and this is what I'll always be.
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